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Hyperlocal Community Engagement

We create each of our concepts with the goal to interweave our brand within the identity of the surrounding neighborhood. Each brick and mortar store should be a reflection of its community and the history that shaped it. This is not only expressed in our design aesthetic, but also more tangibly in our operations, product offerings, events and philanthropic efforts. This approach allows us to connect more authentically with each of our customers, even as we continue to grow within the city as a whole. As a result, we avoid the cookie-cutter effect that is often seen with large chains and franchises. Each of our concepts is built with a living brand that evolves according to the pulse of the surrounding communities.

In keeping with this philosophy, we see our customers as stakeholders in our organization. It is their contributions that make what we do possible. And we know that our customers are distinct within each market that we enter. They are not just customers, they are community members and they are our neighbors. We rely on our relationship with them as a gage for our success and aim to make our restaurants a home for open and informed dialogue about our collective local needs. We believe this is an essential conversation for creating resiliency and strength in any neighborhood.

Additionally, we know that we must understand the neighborhood and its residents in order to integrate into it. What makes it tick? What are its historical roots? What is its trajectory? Our understanding of what exists serves as a compass for all that we do. From training employees and planning events, to creating new specials and introducing new products on our menus, we keep the cadence of our distinct locale in mind as we grow each of our businesses. The more we can differentiate each of our units without diluting our overall brand, the better our outcome. With this in mind, we strive to create versatile and adaptable brand concepts, with accessible products and services.

This may seem like an obvious decision for us to make, but we know that as we grow it will be all the more imperative to empower those at each store level to embrace their locality and ensure that this idea remains authentic. We seek a balance between full autonomy for each concept’s operations and a collaborative and unified group of businesses across the city that share ideas and engage with each other. By embracing our neighborhoods at a hyperlocal level we are able to grow long-lasting customer loyalty, sustainable operations and a workforce that is aware and involved in bettering our community.  

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