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Inspired Motivation



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Inspired Motivation

Based on a philosophy from the book Drive by Dan Pink, we hold that in order to create inspired motivation, our organization must provide structure and systems that incite autonomy, mastery, and a sense of purpose in each of our employees. In doing this, we can reach the highest level of engagement and help foster an environment where employees become a part of the organization instead of merely working for it.

In order to inspire autonomy, we utilize structures that give our employees increasing freedom as they grow with the company. From day one, we allow our employees to play a role in creating a work environment that caters to their style of learning, interests and passions, and individual needs. Because we follow a servant leadership style management philosophy, our employees are never micro-managed or made to blindly follow orders. Instead, we trust that our employees will make decisions that align with our mission and serve the greatest good. The more an employee grows within the organization, the more autonomy they are given, with director-level positions working under a result-only work environment (ROWE) contract that allows them to set their own hours and work space.

This ties directly to the second component for achieving Inspired Motivation, which is mastery. We aspire to help each of our employees reach their highest potential and find a development path most-suited to their skills and passions. Merit-based wage increases and clearly defined training programs are essential for maintaining workplace drive. While annual reviews and frequent one-on-one progress meetings offer time for setting goals and avoiding stagnation.

This dedication to day-to-day growth must be balanced with time spent sharing the big picture goals for our company as a whole. This is where the third component, a sense of purpose, is introduced to each of our employees. By sharing our company vision and inviting all employees to be involved in the creation of goals and projects that help us achieve this vision, we open their eyes to where our company is going and how they can play a role in getting there. Employee buy-in is also achieved by infusing our Purposeful Passions and values into our operations. These are important elements of our mission and we rely on the strength of our employees to propel them forward.

With these three components together we are able to achieve highly driven employees and a workplace built on accountability. We see less turnover, more internal growth, and a more stable work environment focused on the future. When Inspired Motivation is reached, our employees become true stakeholders in our company and play a decisive role in our success.

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