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Val is *literally* one of our all-time favorite cRustomers. She’s a rad chick who loves recycling, being positive, and doing malort shots at Nesei. Although, she will also do shots of vegan ranch from time to time, believe it or not (see photo on the right).

She’s a creature of Wrigleyville that’s got a taste for the finer things in the neighborhood; Neisei, the Chicago Cubbies, and Dimo’s Vegan Pizza.

During Cubs post-game rushes and late night-bar rushes, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and not spot a familiar face in the crowd. Sling those orders quick, shuffle those feet, repeat.

Val, however, is special. Whether it’s during the madness of Game 7 of the World Series or during the mayhem of a St. Patty’s Day bar crawl, we’ll always recognize Val. She’s charming, hilarious, and always happy to see us. We need more customers like her. But honestly, we know we’re never going to get a customer that’s going to model our pizza and merchandise in a photo booth. It’s why she’s our literal favorite.

A Little Slice of Val - A Pizza Q & A 


Val Capone



Where are you from originally?

Clark and Waveland, yo!

When did you first start coming to Dimo’s?

That's a great question that all the Malort from Nisei clouded, but I feel like since forever?

What do you love most about Dimo’s?

Is everything an okay answer? Mainly the staff, but the fact that there are SO many delicious options. With recently converting to a vegan diet the staff has been uber helpful in the transition for this formerly big time omnivore(can we get a Vegan Chick'n & Waffles por favor?) The Dank Brownies are my bff for sure.

Favorite Slice?

These days I'm on the vegan train, so I'm super in love with the Vegan Mac, Vegan Elotes and hell YES to the Vegan Buff Chick.

If you had a slice named after you, what would be on it? GET CRAZY!

Well, it'd be Vegan...so can we make some sort of Vegan Italian not-so-beef pizza? Some seitan to be the "beef" with giardiniera, maybe some hot and sweet peppers & a ton of non-dairy mozz. Because Chicago!

What do you do for a living?

I'm a beer vendor at Wrigley Field, manage the bar staff of music festivals, as well as the Riviera theater. Oh and I've been playing Roller Derby for 14 years...so there's that.

What are your passions?

Being postive and trying to keep everyone around me feeling that way too. Is recycling and taking care of our planet too much to put here? Because I'm the guy that has always used reusable bags at the grocery and saves all of my beercan six pack rings from the ball park to snip up before recycling them each game.

Side Hobbies?

All things Chicago! In addition to that: Roller Derby, wrasslin'(both big league like WWE & indie promotions), Chicago sports even when they break my heart, lifting heavy objects only to put them back down, traveling all over our fine country and seeing the rest of the world when I get the chance to, talking about people skating in circles when I'm not skating in circles, Dank Brownies and Malort. Oh and bowling is my jam, too! Oh man, I also really love my little dog Yippie Kai Yay. And Bruce Willis.

Upon hearing you were named crustomer of the month, you..

Squealed and got giddy! Then I told my dudeguy the great news. I constantly send him pics of all the amazing slices I usually inhale after working Cubs games.

Anything else you would like the pizzaverse to know?

Dimos Wrigley FOR LYFE! Seriously, y'all rule in Wicker Park too, but the Wrigleyville location has my heart.

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