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Servant Leadership



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Servant Leadership at Dimo's

Our leadership structure is one that, first and foremost, asks our leaders to serve for the mission of the company and its people. A servant leadership style of management focuses on teaching and listening at its core. Additionally, leaders empower employees with a focus on growth, awareness, foresight and conceptualization. In this manner, we create an environment where our leaders seek to develop skills and harness strengths in employees, and we thereby attract employees who want to grow with the company.

This philosophy serves as the antithesis of a command style of leadership that focuses on the accumulation of power. We do not seek to create disengaged employees that clock in and out only to follow orders. We want everyone in the organization to see the value of personal growth and to feel empowered to play a role in fulfilling our mission. To this end, the power is shared within the organization, and support flows from our leaders out to all of our stakeholders.

Furthermore, a servant-leader in our organization develops relationships with employees built on respect, mutual trust and a shared desire to do good in and for our communities. This is why we exist and what drives us to continue to grow. We believe that this leadership style inspires energy and critical thought in our employees that in return leads to a happier, more robust and collaborative work environment.

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