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Triple Bottom Line



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The Triple Bottom Line

We believe that success must be measured in a holistic manner. With this in mind, we judge our success as it relates to three categories: people, the planet, and profit. Not only do we assess each of these components individually, but we must also look at the harmony and balance between all three together.

In measuring the success of our people, we look at employee training, retention, job satisfaction, and achievement of personal development goals. If our people are not learning and growing, then we’re not successful. Additionally, we strive to create a stable and comfortable work environment for our employees, which lends to empowerment and motivation. Healthy pay rates, benefits and bonus opportunities are just a few of the ways we create stability.

Next we look at our impact on the planet. We reflect on our business and make sure that our operations do not create a net loss for the planet. We seek new ways to close resource loops in our communities. And we look for ways to create sustainable business practices. A fleet of all bicycle delivery riders, and reward programs for our customers that recycle and use green transportation are small examples of such business practices.  

Finally, we measure our financial success. We seek a rising profit and growing sales. We aim to diversify our sales and avoid stagnation. We also seek financial transparency for our stakeholders, in that they know and understand their role in our financial success as company. This is essential when calculating our financial gains.

Our impact must be positive in each of these areas for us to mark ourselves as successful. That being said, each of these components can often times be in conflict with one another. Our employees may be happy because they are receiving perks far beyond what our finances can afford, which cause our profitability to fall. Similarly, time-consuming recycling and composting practices may prevent our people from efficiently doing their jobs. As a result, we know that our success in one area may suffer for the greater good and harmony of our overall success. We know this is a sacrifice worth making because each of these areas are equally important for the long-lasting prosperity of our business.

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