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July 28th, 2014

Dimo's recently celebrated six years of business.

Okay, technically the Dimo's Wrigley store turned six. Actually, if you know our full history you know we didn't go by the name Dimo's that whole time. Does that still mean we're six? Also, our Wicker Park location turned one, how shall we factor that in? Seems our birthday is a little more complex than we thought. Well the devil is in the details, so we talked to Dimo's owner, Dimitri, to get the full story...and even some throwback photos for you to enjoy.

"The first photo to the right is brought to you by the year 2008. April 26th 2008 to be precise. I spent a weekend hammering away at dry wall, wood, and the likes to begin to form what would eventually be Dimo's Wrigley.  It started with hammers, targets and destruction, but very shorty it became clear that construction was hard work. But damn rewarding. I've always found value in creating with my hands, perhaps that's why I got into pizza in the first place.

In the second photo you can check out that beautiful walk-in cooler in the back and the plumbing being laid down to bring water to the FOH [front of house] area. Warm tasty water…we’ll regret the placement of the water pipes for the next 10 years.  The framing for the counter is starting to take shape. But my favorite thing is that massively large mural that has remained behind the walls for oh so long. What is it? The secret to the universe? A large women singing opera in a neofuturist state where the Cubs have managed to put together a winning season? We might never know…so close yet so far.

The third photo show the store finally beginning to take shape! See the storage closet/drink holder/office/hangout and watch netflix area? Wait seriously? Someone's watching netflix in there these days? We've got some pretty cool art decorated pizza trays that will soon live above those closet doors. Nice to see that area start to beautify...six years later. Oh incidentally, see that guy with the white t-shirt and the grey hair? That's Nick! His real name is actually Itiporn Sirikhandha, I don't even know how to begin to make jokes about that. It's just my love for that buddhist and his patience that stops me, that and cultural sensitivity.

Lastly, we have our Six Corners location in progress. Here's a good rule of thumb: everything takes longer than you think. Everything.  Lessons learned a plenty. See all that beautiful new equipment? We spent a good deal of time moving the equipment from one spot to another.

Too bad I can't snap photos of the future. If I could, I'd grab some of the infrastructure we're developing today. I'd grab photos of delicious honey cured bacon from the commissary, our own homemade BBQ sauce, sausage, pepperoni and other salted meats. I'd make quips about cured meats and the pretentiousness of charcuterie programs. And then I'd send along photos of the new t-shirts and hats that we’re all rocking.  A shot of the new online ordering system working both on our crustomer's phones as well as the new backend of DIMS.  And lastly, I'd include a photo of the construction of store number 3, our next big infrastructure improvement. The lesson's we've learned from store number 1 and 2 piled into the expansion of store number 3, but for that photo, you'll have to wait a little while longer...."


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