Can a Pizza be a Sandwich? The Reuben Experiment



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March 11th, 2019

Here at Dimo’s we are always asking the important questions. Can a pizza be a sandwich? Why does spicy food make some of us cry tears of joy while others cry tears of agony? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Surely we could make a sandwich out of pizza by stacking slices on top of one another, but that’s a low-effort answer we weren’t willing to settle for. Dimo’s pushes the boundaries of food known to humankind.

So we geared up and took a trip to the pizza lab. Our head pizza technician had arranged a set of ingredients to conduct our sandwich experiment. Alongside our dough, sauces, and mozzarella we found corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. There they were, the elements of a Reuben sandwich. Arranged carefully, in order, we turned them into a pizza. Then came the moment of truth, we ran the pizza through our high-tech analyzers (aka our mouths.) Blast! It was just delicious pizza! This wasn’t a sandwich!

Why wasn’t it working? What was missing? After three sleepless nights locked in the lab, we passed out, feeling hopeless. Just then, the answer came to us in a collective dream. We were missing a distinguishing rye bread ingredient...Seeds! Caraway seeds. Toasted caraway seeds.  Could it be so simple?

So we tried again. Dough, sauce, mozzarella, sauerkraut, corned beef, swiss cheese, and russian dressing. But this time we sprinkled the toasted caraway seeds over the top. Once again we analyzed the pizza with high hopes and large bites. Yes! We had done it! This pizza was a sandwich!

We put in the sleepless nights so you can rest easy. The Reuben Pizza/Sandwich will be at Dimo’s throughout March. Stop by, give us a call, or place an order at to bask in the glory of this scrumptious creation!

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