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Dimo's Featured Artist - Sick Fisher



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January 03rd, 2015

Meet our first featured artist of 2015, Sick Fisher! He has transformed the walls of our Wicker Park location into an art gallery. Check out his works up on display through the end of March. If you happen to fall in love with one of them it just so happens all of the art is also available for sale at the front counter. Most importantly, stop in for a slice and enjoy some local art! Oh, and here's a nifty link to view his art on the interweb

Here's more about Sick Fisher: 

What led you to become an artist?
There were a variety of reasons, not all of which had to do with art. Growing up, I was always a 'creative' type... doodling all through class, making movies with friends, playing in bands, and just generally trying to create a physical presence as someone who produced things rather than consumed them. I actually didn't decide to pursue painting until my second year of college at FSU. I originally wanted to make movies but couldn't get into the film school. Additionally, I was so passionate about my music that I didn't take criticism well and I eventually stopped sharing it with others. Art, painting in particular, became my outlet, my voice, and my public image. I believe that at some point in college, I searched for my place in this rapidly evolving world and art made the most sense. I enjoyed it, I felt emotionally compensated, and I was proud to find something challenging to base my entire life around. Not to mention that there is a palpable feeling of opportunity in this field. The technology of the last 10 years has changed our entire way of digesting information and this made it a no-brainer that I wanted to be the one creating the content.

How would you describe your artistic style?
Aesthetically, it's heavily influenced by the Nickelodeon years. Ren and Stimpy, Doug, etc. Cartoons in general. Let us say that is the skeleton of my work. The second layer of my art would be the process, which comes from my nearly life-long appreciation for Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting. While ol' Bob and I don't produce the same work, I use a very similar technique: "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents". The last layer would be my environment. Rarely do I paint anything that doesn't directly reflect what's going on in my world, physical or emotional.

What inspires you as an artist?
I'd say progress. I am constantly trying to grow as a person and professional. But it's not always important for me to be moving 100mph, so long as I don't go backwards.

What are your favorite mediums to create art in?
I prefer to work in acrylic paint simply because of clean-up. I can be a very messy person so until I own my own property, I'll have to use materials that will allow me to get my deposit back. As for surfaces, I most enjoy a large-scale exterior wall. I believe that context is incredibly important when sharing your art. I prefer public work because the viewer isn't asking to see it. It's experienced in normal life and therefore becomes a bit more genuine. Walk into a gallery and you have your mind set to 'art' and may be more inclined to like/dislike something. To judge is only natural, but I feel that allowing people to experience your work on their own terms is the most rewarding. Especially when you factor in locations. The location is so important because that is your audience... the neighborhood is your gallery.

What do you do outside of making art?
I work at Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park 3 days a week and the rest of the time is spent working on some sort of project. In a way, there is no "outside of making art". I suppose the farthest away from making art would be when I'm on the barstool. Of course, some would also argue that the barstool is where the real work gets done.

What do you think is your spirit animal?
Probably an alley cat because I enjoy my alone time and love going through garbage.

If you were a slice of pizza what kind of pizza would you be?
I would be the left-over pizza in the fridge. You know, the pizza that you re-heat in the oven for breakfast and eat while watching Bob's Burgers re-runs (because you've seen them all). The pie is already paid for and you aint gotta share it with nobody. No pageantry, no server, just pizza. I am pizza.

Anything else you want to share with the pizzaverse?
Not really other than thank you thank you thank you for letting me be a part of it.

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