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El Nacho Libre



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August 08th, 2019

So here you are, at Dimo’s. 

You’re checking out the counter and man, it looks good. All the staples are there: your old flame BBQ Chicken, your current mainstay Diana Ross, and the hottest side piece you’ve ever tasted, Pepperoni 2: Electric Bugaloo. You’re making your decision, taking your sweet time, when a friendly Dimo’s team member approaches you. 

“What can I get for you?” they ask. You’re too overwhelmed to answer. They try again: “Have you had the Elotes?” 

“Get that corn out of my face!” you yell, surprising even yourself. None of this is right! There is no flavor, no spice. Where are the chips? You need more than just pizza, you need something...something more like—

Wait! What’s that? You walk over to the counter and scooch closer to the glass. It looks like…nachos? Pizza? Nacho Pizza? Nacho freakin’ pizza?!

From where you’re standing, it looks like a pizza loaded with tortilla chips, then smothered in tasty ground beef, refreshing creme fraiche, pico de gallo, gooey nacho cheese, and tangy chipotle salsa. And you’re right. It’s like all your cravings rolled into one delicious disc. It’s the most beautiful combination you’ve ever seen. 

Come on, don’t you want a little taste of the glory? Visit us in-store through the month of August or see what it tastes like at dimospizza.com/menu!

P.S. Of course, we made a vegan version with our savory house made vegan sausage. Get spicy!

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