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Employee Bios: Broderick C.



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February 08th, 2019

Name (Who are you?!?)

Broderick aka B aka B.E.

When did you join the Dimo’s Crew?

Roughly a year and a half ago. June 2017.

What's your favorite slice at Dimo's?

BBQChickenBaconCheddarRanch. It’s always selling out faster than anything else I make and I can see why.

Tell us about a favorite memory at Dimo’s

The first fall that I worked here, it was real busy one night. It gets crazy on the weekends. Somebody had the “Cha Cha Slide” playing on the speakers and the whole line from the register to the front door was doing the dance. It was like “one hop now!” and the whole line jumped. Everyone was bouncin’. That’s one of my favorite memories, that was a fun night.

What stands out to you about Dimo’s philosophy?

Being able to create funky pizzas that you never see at any other pizza spot. I’m excited to sell it to customers and explain why I prefer a certain slice. It’s fun to tell them about these creations and watch them react. It allows us to embrace Art, one of our Purposeful Passions.It allows us to show how artsy we can be with different crazy, creative slices and whatnot.

How do you spend your time outside of Dimo’s?

I have a schedule planner at my house where I set aside certain days to work on certain projects to further my experience in what I want to do when I eventually leave Dimo’s. That’s not gonna be any time soon, but I want to be ready. I used to have like eight projects going on, but I’ve lowered it to three main projects to focus on. I’m currently writing a book. Tuesdays I’ll work on my book for at least two hours out of the day.

I’m also designing a video game with one of my childhood friends back in Michigan. Wednesday is dedicated to concept art, so I’ll draw out a lot of different characters for that game. Thursdays would be my 3-D modeling day where I do on all my 3-D art programs. I actually went to school for Game Art Design and Video Animation, so I have a lot of these different programs. I dedicate two hours of the day on Thursday to go into a program named Blender where I can basically create a 3-D environment. I’m currently building three different major cities, fictional cities where the game is going to take place at. I’m currently working on designing the skylines first, then I’ll go in and make it more realistic. It takes a lot of time.

Friday and Saturday is music day. When I get up I’ll work on music, drop new beats. I actually have a whole bunch of beat projects I’ve done over the years. I started out with Volume 1 through Volume 11, then I decided to switch it up and start adding actual names, so I’m working on two projects right now. One that I finished called “I Got Next” and another one that I’m currently working on called “The Evolution.”

Want to share any of your work?

Yeah! My music is on my Soundcloud page. I’m B.Eazy Illmadic Producer.

I have an art page, B.Eazy Creations, where I basically share certain little clips of my book. Every once in a while I’ll throw up a chapter of my book so people can read it. I have roughly a hundred followers. I also put different artwork up there, some clips of 3-D models for the game I’m designing.

Would you recommend any media to our crustomers? Something to watch, read, or listen to?

If you guys are big gamers like me, I would definitely suggest Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I like to stick with just a couple games at a time until I complete them, then I move onto something else. The next one will be Ace Combat 7. If you’re into animation I would definitely highly recommend going to see Dragonball Super: Broly. It’s supposed to be like, the best animated movie ever made. It’s definitely worth going to check out. The animation is amazing.

Care to share some words to live by?

This is something personal to me, but this is something I was taught by my dad when I was growing up. I go by B.E., which are my first two initials, Broderick Earl. So every morning when I was getting ready to go to school my dad would be like, “What do B.E. stand for?” and I had to quote back to him, “Best and Excellent.” So that means whatever I do, do it to the Best of my abilities and with Excellence. So that’s a motto that I live by in everything I do.

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