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March 19th, 2020

These are unprecedented times. But we are still here for you.


At Dimo’s, We’re balancing the safety of the general public with trying to keep our staff and the economy alive. It is not an easy battle but it will be won with education, smart long-term decision making, and good leadership. 


We’re still open, for now, and here’s what we’re doing to keep our employees and customers safe.


First, we must stay informed. We’re holding daily briefings with our staff to keep them up to date about what’s happening with the virus, how it’s spreading, and to help them navigate this challenging time. 

We’re also not allowing anyone to work who has ANY of the symptoms of COVID-19 and are checking daily.

Every thirty minutes we’re spraying down all contact areas with disinfectant that is proven to kill the virus. 

Of course there’s the obvious like wearing gloves and washing our hands religiously. 


Additionally, we provide health insurance and have had a strong PTO program in place that has always served our staff well, that will properly incentivize Dimo’s staff to stay home if they might be symptomatic. That said, these perks (especially the PTO) might run dry for people and we are continuing to evaluate the situation. 


This is a challenge for us, but it’s what we’re facing and we’re rising to the occasion (perfect spot for a dough joke right there...we’ll resist the urge). We have been in contact with many of our restaurant friends and the reality of what is taking place is horrifying to the world, the country, our city and our industry. We fear this is but the beginning, so we’re planning for the worst.


We were thinking that if you are confined to your home, you’re probably going to get quite bored or tired of entertaining the children, and while netflixparty.com and screens can help mitigate the situation somewhat, you might need something more active. 


So…we’re introducing BYO Pizza Kits with live streaming demos nightly so you can make your own Dimo’s favorites at home! 


Here’s the deal. We’ll put together everything you need to make our 10 most popular pizzas!We’ll deliver (or you pick up) and then join us live on instagram to learn how to make some pizza and enjoy yourself for a moment. Great for kids, great for people who are bored, great for people who want to handle their food themselves. It’s great for everyone! Streaming live nightly at 6:30 and will be posted to facebook after! 


But you know, not everyone is into making their own food. We get it. That’s why we’re here in the first place. We’re also rolling out some new Take N’ Bake Combos. Some good home cooking! We got four options and vegan too!


  • Lasagna with ricotta, homemade pork sausage, marinara, fresh mozzarella, and a health dose of parmesan.
  • Vegan lasagna with vegan ricotta, mushroom sausage, marinara, vegan mozz, and a splash of nutritional yeast.
  • Mexican lasagna with smoked chicken, ancho tomato sauce, pinto beans, topped with a ricotta crema, and cotija cheese.
  • Vegan mexican lasagna vegan crema, pulled vegetables, ancho tomato sauce, pinto beans, and vegan mozz.


Of course we’re doing both of these new items with contactless delivery and curbside pickup (just put a message in the notes section and we got ya!) And more than that, we’re also delivering you Chicago’s finest packaged goods because the laws of the land for our license changed in response! Need a single can or a 12 pack, we got ya covered. We’ll be starting today with our canned options but we’ll be adding more everyday!  


Lastly, while we’re really excited about these two announcements, we feel very fortunate to be in a place to offer them. We know not everyone is so lucky and as soon as we’ve launched these, we’ll be working hard on finding a way for each purchase to give back to our community. More on that shortly!


And because we need help in dark days to see us through, we’ll do everything in our power to spread that hope in our community, amongst our employees, and to our customer, doing what we do best - making pizza.  

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