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November 12th, 2014

We spend a lot of time eating pizza, selling pizza, making pizza and thinking about pizza at Dimo’s. That’s not exactly a shock to anyone considering our profession. But even outside of our time here at Dimo’s, we keep finding pizza slipping into our lives. From pizza-themed apparel and bands (we’re talking about you, Macaulay Culkin), to ‘za-idolizing blogs and zines, it seems like the obsession for pizza has grown to a wonderfully weird and over-the-top level.

So, what’s the big deal about pizza?

We can trace the ‘za obsession all the way back to childhood. Our generation was trained from an early age that pizza is a reward. Read a book? Get a pizza. Win any sort of sporting event or academic competition? Get a pizza. Left alone with a babysitter? Yep, you get a pizza. Plus, if Donatello and Michelangelo said it was cool, you can almost guarantee the 9-year-old versions of us felt the same way.

Pizza has become a currency of sorts. It has cultural value dating back to the schoolyard era. It’s because of American heroes like the TMNT, the Ramones and Spicoli that pizza has climbed the food chain to the top. Of course, it’s no surprise we still see pizza as a reward, even today in our (semi) adult lives.

There’s just something bordering on magical about the feeling of an oversized slice of greasy pizza between your fingers. The challenge of getting it from the plate to your mouth before the cheese and sauce tumble off the crust makes every bite all the more satisfying. And as the pizza renaissance flourishes, the flavors and regional varieties continue to multiply.

Pizza becomes a representation of where you’re from, how you grew up and your family roots. We all have our favorite hometown pizza spot, most of which are still thriving and serving up ‘za today. And now, in an age of overt self-identity, we can show our love for ‘za on our clothing, in our music, and forever in ink on our bodies.

To go back to our original question, the big deal about pizza is that it’s so much more than pizza. It’s our fondest memories, shared histories, favorite movies and small moments of bliss. It's a big cheesy deal. And coincidentally, pretty delicious. 

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