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Jimmy "Jimbo Slice" Turner



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July 11th, 2019

The team at Dimo’s has assembled from all over the country and even the world. (You might call us the pizza-vengers). Each person who comes to us has a wealth of knowledge and expertise honed by their experiences. 

One of these pizza champions, Jimmy Myer Lee Turner Jr. (a.k.a. "Jimbo Slice"), has recently stepped into a new position at our original location. As the Mentor of our Wrigleyville store, he is taking on responsibility for the professional success of each person on the team while overseeing the store’s operating success as well. It’s a precise and demanding position, which Jimmy’s background and experience lend themselves to perfectly. 

Read our interview with him to learn more about who he is as a person, and what brought him to Dimo’s.


Where are you from? If not Chicago, what brought you here?

I’m from the middle of Georgia. I went to college in Atlanta. I moved here three years ago—I came to visit a friend, and just fell in love with the city. Back in Georgia, I was sitting in my car one day and just decided to move!

What’s something about you that I should know?

I’m a big language learner. I’ve learned Spanish so far, and of course English. Right now I’m minoring in ASL at Columbia College—I’m about 70-80% to fluency—and French, which I’d say I’m about 20% fluent in.

I got my Master’s in teaching English as a Second Language, and I teach Spanish online to a few private clients. I used to teach for 7 years!

I also love to travel. I’m headed to Cuba soon. I’m planning to visit all 50 states over the next few years, and visit other countries slowly but surely. 

Do you have a favorite saying or quote that you live by?

Focus only on what you can control.

What’s your summer 2019 anthem? 

“Binz,” from Solange’s most recent album: When I Get Home.

What led you to work at Dimo’s? How long have you worked here?

Vegan pizza! I didn’t know anything about Dimo’s when I came to Chicago, but I found the Six Corners location through some friends and started hanging out there. I applied to an open position at the Wrigleyville location and the rest is history. 

Do you have any big plans for the store? What are they?

Get that morale up! I truly believe that when people have a great place to work, it makes great things happen. I’d also like to bring back some oldies, like Crustomer of the Month. I’m looking at doing more events and special things during the week versus on weekends. While Wrigleyville is not a sit-down-and-chill neighborhood, we have the space and time to create that vibe during the week when the Cubs aren’t playing.

I’m really interested in doing more things in the community as a team, like creating partnerships with schools and more relationships with community stakeholders.

What’s something you’d like our crustomers to know about Dimo’s?

This organization is really inspired; we always shoot for the moon. It’s one of the things that drew me to Dimo’s and has rubbed off on me more and more as I’ve been here. The longer I work here, the more I want to contribute and the more I feel I can offer. 

More than anything else, I want crustomers to feel at home and comfortable.

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