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March 01st, 2024

Does anyone remember the classic kid’s book where a kid gave a mouse a cookie and, in turn, it made a ton of outrageous demands until the poor generous kid was in way over his head?

That’s what Dimo’s Catering feels like, in a way.

For example…

If you give a downtown office begrudging employees, they’re going to want a staff party to keep them all from quitting. If they want a staff party, they’re going to want food at that party. If they’re going to want food, they’re probably going to want a lot of it.


If you give a happy couple a wedding, they’re going to want to invite their friends. If they invite their friends, they’re going to want to feed them all. If they’re going to feed them all, they’re going to need, again, a lot of food.


If you give a birthday party to your best friend, you’re going to want to make sure that all the party guests have full stomachs. If all the party guests need full stomachs, you’re going to want to order food. If you’re going to order food, you’re going to need to order—surprise—a lot of it.

The result to all of these hypothetical pesky problems?


Here at Dimo’s, we’ve been catering since the beginning. Throughout our time slinging pizzas en masse for every office party, baby shower, wedding, and birthday party, there hasn’t been a platform we haven’t used.

That is, until this year.

We launched our very own catering platform (check it out here!), to be able to serve you and your multitude of hungry mouths better.

Every inquiry zips from your fingertips straight to our catering dudes, and we’ve cut out all the pesky fees and price increases that third party catering companies tend to impose.

All this to say, if you give a pizza place an opportunity to launch their own catering platform, they’re going to need a whole bunch of parties to utilize it.

Help us out here?

Questions? Email catering@dimospizza.com or click here to check out our catering platform!

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