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May 28th, 2013


When you look at our pizza display, it’s no surprise that innovation is at the forefront of our company’s values. It’s our mission to create new and relevant pizza varieties. But if you’ve moved from our pizza display to the view of our cash register (a warn and weathered beast of a register, born in a generation long before the internet, iPads or apps existed) we wouldn’t blame you for getting the urge to point and laugh. Hey, don’t get us wrong. Though it was a beast, it was a well-organized beast, which we tracked with great detail. But with our impending expansion, it was time to lie to rest our old register.

With this, we introduced some new tools for our employees. To start, we integrated a comprehensive POS system to track, review, and analyze our every order with great precision. As a company that practices Open Book Finance, it was vital that our new system made our finances easily accessible and digestible for our staff.

Next up, we brought in iPads to digitize our orders, manuals, training documents, and internal food ordering systems. Sure, it took a few long nights of trial and error. But with great time and effort came a huge payoff. This new system was also the first step towards integrating new payment methods into our operations.

What kind of payment methods are we talking about, you ask? The kind that work with your iPhone, we answer. Yes, that’s right, you actually pay using a QR code generated through an app on your phone. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s smart. Plus, you’ll look really cool in front of your friends who are (scoff) paying with outdated plastic cards.


Did we mention you earn rewards every time you pay with your phone too? So really, what are you waiting for? Set it up now in 2 minutes. And as added incentive, we’ve made a $5 credit card minimum for those old timers that are still trying to buy a $3.75 slice with a credit card. That’s how serious we take our innovation.

So join us in the revolution to make your pizza experience as relevant, radical and creative as you.


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