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November 26th, 2014

What are you thankful for? It seems like an easy enough question, but  it’s one we don’t often ask ourselves or spend much time thinking about. More of our time is generally consumed with what we want, what we’re working towards or how we can do more with our time. These are, of course, also important things to think about. But a moment of reflection, to really ponder what makes this thing we call life so special, that’s some pretty potent stuff. 

With this thought in mind, and the obvious impending holiday approaching, we asked our entire crew here at Dimo’s that very question. Here are their responses.

“I'm thankful for environments which promote turning failure into growth. I'm thankful for support systems of people. I'm thankful for happen stance meetings and adventures. I'm thankful for vulnerability. I'm thankful for my body and everyone else's. I'm thankful for my family.” –Miles

“I'm thankful for my brother and sisters! Each one is amazing in a different way.” –Lindsay

“I’m thankful for my family and all the love I get from my friends/coworkers.” –Karl

“In the past year we've been able to:
• Add the positions of Director of Human Support, Data Analyst, Visionnaire, and Culinary Curator....all internal promotions.
• Redo the facade at Six Corners
• Install new delivery ovens at Wrigley
• Vended at 6 festivals this year
I'm thankful for everyone who made all of these things possible!” –Dimitri

“It's easy to elaborate on the things we love. It's trite to mention what's fun or makes us happy. Yet, when I look back on my experiences in Chicago (and every city I've lived in), I find the challenges most rewarding. The cold weather of late. The awkwardness and focus almost necessary when acclimating oneself to a new job or project. The trials of picking up where others have left off. These are broad strokes, but I truly feel that what makes us who we are, what makes us the most real, is finding out what we're made of--finding out what we're not along with what inspires us most. Having said that, I would say I'm most thankful for the diversity and vast opportunity our lives in this country have afforded us. We, as individuals, can do almost anything, but, as a team, Dimo's has really instilled in my mind that a team can do absolutely anything. The strengths and weaknesses of everyone as a collectively lets everyone shine where they are most capable. And for that, I am most thankful.” –Cody

“I am thankful for my family, my arms and legs, big trees and thermal leggings :).” –Alex

“I’m thankful for my education (formal and IRL), my family (and their endless quirks), my friends (for putting up with my antics more than anyone), my travels (extra thanks to the strangers at bars who shared their stories), my job (pizza has perks), my dog (he’s a total badass) and myself because if you can’t get along with yourself you’re probably pretty miserable.” –Ann

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