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The Cubano



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October 16th, 2019

You know that feeling when you pass someone on the street, and for one fleeting second, you know them? 

You might smile a little too wide (for a stranger), or whip around in a double-take, or even say a name. First confidently, then kind of swallowing it out of insecurity. 

Those moments when you’re right are so exhilarating though. Stopping on the street to catch up with an old friend you recognized against all odds. Chatting with a former student, a former teacher, maybe even a former lover. (Hey, time heals all wounds, right? Plus, that haircut isn’t flattering on them and you’re getting just the teensiest bit of satisfaction from it.) 

That moment, that surprising little pocket of recognition and joy, is what it’s like when you come across the Cubano slice in our pizza window. Whether you think of it as a long-time lover or a long-time friend, it’s back on the Dimo’s streets and more delicious than ever.

This ‘za starts with thin and smokey pork gabagool laid over a creamy white sauce base, crisp and juicy bread’n’butter pickles, and mild but nutty swiss cheese. As if that wasn’t enough, we used the same spices we used to season that gabagool to create a citrusy, spicy dijonnaise—and we slather that sauce everywhere. Basically, think of what you expect from a Cuban sandwich. Have that picture in your mind? Good. Now enhance it. Make this sandwich five, ten, fifteen times more flavorful and enticing than the original. And now: make it pizza. 

Yeah, you recognize it all right. It’s the ‘za of your dreams.

Come see for yourself at either of our locations, or make us do all the work at dimospizza.com/menu.

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